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This refreshed brand guide became the cornerstone of their new identity, ensuring consistency and cohesion across all platforms and materials.

Valdez Spice, known as the Valdez Corporation, has been a pioneering force in the private label industry for over 30 years. Their expertise lies in custom blending and packaging, catering to over 300 clients across the United States with bespoke products.








Weisheit & Anson LLP is represented by a logo that is more than a mere emblem; it embodies the essence of the firm’s ethos and its commitment to excellence. The logo, an intricate and abstract interlacing of the initials ‘W’ and ‘A’, stands as a testament to the firm’s foundational principles of unity, collaboration, and seamless partnership. This unique design not only forms a visually striking mark but also encapsulates the harmonious relationship between the dedicated team at Weisheit & Anson LLP and their esteemed clients.


The design’s intentional upward and outward trajectory is a symbol of growth, progress, and the relentless pursuit of continuous advancement. The dynamic lines and curves within the logo are reflective of the evolving nature of business relationships and the constant development that the firm champions. This visual metaphor of intertwining forms is not just an artistic expression but a representation of the firm’s commitment to aligning its expertise with the financial aspirations of its clients, ensuring a joint journey towards success and prosperity. In every aspect, the logo of Weisheit & Anson LLP is a declaration of the firm’s unyielding dedication to fostering growth, nurturing relationships, and driving forward the financial endeavors of those they serve.

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Designing for Impact


The strategic use of abstract design elements not only reflects Weisheit & Anson LLP’s commitment to its clients but also elevates the brand, setting a benchmark for innovation and excellence in visual storytelling.


Voice & Tone

The voice and tone of Weisheit & Anson LLP are characterized by professional sophistication and unwavering confidence, underpinned by a collaborative spirit and a forward-thinking approach to fostering growth and excellence.