Grand opening 1 yr anniversary

Warren’s Backyard: The Soulful Transformation

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August 2023 marks an exciting milestone for Warren’s Backyard in Granbury, Texas. They will celebrate one year as a vibrant live music space with an unmistakable Austin flair. With the visionary leadership of Brett Berry, what began as a cherished local event venue was reborn. This transformative journey is best captured through this storytelling video that unravels the essence and spirit of this community gem.


Warren’s Backyard is not just about music; it’s an all-encompassing experience. View a more in depth discussion below with Brett Berry about the history of this location, as well as the goals for the live music space – he also shares with viewers about his roots and his family’s mission.

Designing for Impact


Trevo Creative excels in crafting captivating storytelling videos. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the essence of each subject, we skillfully weave together narratives that leave a lasting impact. Our videos breathe life into events and businesses, making our team an ideal choice for bringing the grand opening of Warren’s Backyard to life for those who weren’t there to experience the real thing.

Voice & Tone

The voice and tone of the video are enchanting and engaging, inviting viewers on a nostalgic journey. With a perfect blend of excitement and warmth, it immerses the audience in the soulful transformation of Warren’s Backyard. The narrative captures the venue’s spirit, evoking emotions that resonate long after the video ends.