Fill yOur Cup

Liz: The Coolest HR Director You’ll Ever Meet!

At Trevo Creative, we take Human Resources very seriously. And by seriously, we mean we’ve given our water cooler a name: Liz. That’s right, Liz the Water Cooler is our go-to for all things HR. Here’s a hilarious take on what it’s like having a water cooler as our Director of Human Resources.

A water cooler next to a chair

When the office gets too hot, Liz is always the coolest one in the room. 

First off, let’s talk about Liz’s credentials. She may be made of plastic, but she’s got a lot of experience. She’s been dispensing water for years and has a degree in hydration. She even knows CPR (Cool, Pour, and Refresh). Needless to say, Liz is one qualified HR director.

But being an inanimate object has its challenges, and Liz has seen it all. From spilled coffee to sticky fingers, Liz has been through some tough times. But she’s always there, ready to quench our thirst and offer a listening ear.

One of the best things about having Liz as our HR director is her impartiality. She never takes sides and doesn’t discriminate based on job title or seniority. She treats us all the same, as long as we don’t overfill our cups or leave a mess behind.

But let’s be real, Liz can be a bit of a gossip. She’s always eavesdropping on our conversations and overhearing things we didn’t intend for her to hear. We’re pretty sure she’s spilled some of our juiciest secrets to the other water coolers in the building. But we forgive her, because who can resist a little office drama?

Of course, being a water cooler also has its perks. Liz gets to sit in the same spot all day, dispensing water and listening to our stories. She doesn’t have to worry about deadlines or performance reviews. And when the office gets too hot, she’s always the coolest one in the room.

In conclusion, having Liz as our HR director may seem a little unconventional, but it works for us. She’s a reliable source of hydration, a great listener, and a fun addition to the team. And hey, if we ever need to fill a position for a new HR director, we know exactly who to turn to. So here’s to you, Liz – the best water cooler HR director around.