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This customized brand guide is a digital, live, and mobile friendly version of most everything you will need for your branding and marketing efforts. Below you will have references to approved artwork, as well as links to resources you may need for your marketing. This is a living document and is subject to change and remain current. It is my hope that this helps keep everything in one place for you that you can access any time and on any device. Feel free to share this page for convenience to vendors or employees. Please let me know if something isn’t current, approved, or accurate.

Please find Dropbox links to the various formats of your logo below. Note that a PNG file is widely used both print and web and will have a transparent background. A JPG is also versatile, but will have a white background. PDFs are useful for print and promotional items. Lastly, your SVG files, also called vector files, are necessary for large or complex designs such as vehicle wraps.

Brand Guide



We offer a unique, independent and experienced team of real estate agents who guide you through the buying or selling process of residential or commercial properties.

Voice and Tone

This independent brokerage offers real experience and dedication that provides the best experience and gets the best results for its clients.

The goal is to stand apart from industry leading brokerages in the DFW metroplex and standout as a professional, leading and independent real estate group.

The x2 Voice is both modern and timeless, as the brand imagery and language stays very clear and professional. A memorable quality is added here with the unique position of twin women leaders. Keep the tone upbeat, clean and executive. This is a light-hearted group, they’re here to work and keep things simple. They’re pros. These women are strong and independent. They love north Texas as much as they love real estate and being part of what helps their community advance forward.

Keep the branding executive. The language and marketing materials should be very consistent, clear and concise. The focus should stay centered around keeping the client relationship easy and enjoyable even for the most complex situations, the marketing materials need to replicate that professional, breezy feeling.

Color Guide


Your color guide is a very important piece of your brand. Be sure to use these six digit hex codes when ordering any brand materials including shirts, car wraps, and even apply these codes to backgrounds on digital platforms like Facebook.

Brand Palette







Typography is used everywhere! Use these fonts for your Canva templates, your Google Docs and on your marketing collateral. Users can download these fonts for free by clicking the links.



Bebas Neue

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



Your brand has a specific look at that includes the photos you use in your web ads, social media posts, and print media like bill boards. See your brand’s photos linked below. We’ve provided both high resolution (for print marketing) and low resolution for all web based projects. Note that not all images are available in high resolution. 

Brand Photography



See branded Canva templates below. When creating campaigns, you can use your own assets and templates, as well as elements, images, and videos from the Canva library. 




Click to view your customized video tutorials for your new WordPress site.


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