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Small Talk, Godley TX

I know what you’re thinking… it’s just small talk. However, small talk is an institution in the South, it’s what we call friendly conversation between friends and neighbors, even strangers. In our own way, we make an effort to say gently, “I see you and I hear you.” The ritual can sometimes seem daunting, especially when we’re having a stressful day, but you never know how a simple, “How are you?” can greatly change someone’s day.

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By Melissa McGavock


SmallTalk Magazine will be published quarterly in Godley, Texas (beg Spring 2021). Each issue is mailed to every home (2,600+ residences) with some extras placed around town at local businesses. Less than 50% of the space is dedicated for advertisers, leaving extra room for beautiful article spreads and a collage of recent events. Look forward to a regular newsletter and a digital format available Summer 2021.

Print journalism may feel like a fading trend, but for communities like ours, it’s an opportunity for advancement together. It perpetuates good and healthy conversation. Like a yearbook of our accomplishments as friends and neighbors, it provides a space for our thoughts to settle, for us to share and reflect. 

As well, for small businesses, education, community groups and nonprofits, it enforces credibility as print ads still give a higher ROI than digital ads. You establish trust with your readers with professional layouts and print design. You reach multiple generations and households. SmallTalk magazine gives us something truly local to focus on and to advertise with so that Godley, Texas has another way to unite and our small businesses feel even more supported.

Though many newcomers may be from different places, in an effort to keep our town from feeling “transitionary,” by allowing community traditions to slip away, we have the opportunity to feel heard and embrace one another’s accomplishments and stories.

Each issue will feature area history and traditions (old and new), kids and teen education, and small businesses, alongside agricultural life and style. Our landscape is changing at a rapid rate. The hope is that we can identify together with this magazine, that we can celebrate one another’s similarities and differences and grow. We’re all part of something big here in Godley. Now’s our chance to get to know one another and connect.

Publishing for Impact


SmallTalk Magazine is a quarterly publication in Godley, Texas, mailed to over 2,600 homes and distributed in local businesses, with over 50% of space dedicated to beautiful article spreads and a collage of recent events. It provides a space for thoughts to settle, for sharing and reflection, perpetuating good and healthy conversation, and perpetuating the area’s history and traditions, kids and teen education, small businesses, agricultural life, and style.


SmallTalk Magazine offers a print advertising opportunity that enforces credibility and trust with professional layouts and print design. It has a higher ROI than digital ads and reaches multiple generations and households, giving something truly local to focus on and support in Godley, Texas, and connecting community traditions to prevent them from slipping away.

Connecting and Celebrating Our Community in Godley, Texas

SmallTalk Magazine – a quarterly publication celebrating the stories, accomplishments, and traditions of Godley, Texas. With a focus on community, education, and small businesses, each issue is mailed to over 2,600 homes and features beautiful article spreads and event collages. Join us in uniting and supporting our town through the power of print journalism.

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