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This customized brand guide is a digital, live, and mobile friendly version of most everything you will need for your branding and marketing efforts. Below you will have references to approved artwork, as well as links to resources you may need for your marketing. This is a living document and is subject to change and remain current. It is my hope that this helps keep everything in one place for you that you can access any time and on any device. Feel free to share this page for convenience to vendors or employees. Please let me know if something isn’t current, approved, or accurate.

Brand Guide



To build lasting relationships with homeowners and real estate professionals by building trust and providing high quality steam cleaning services at a fair price.

Voice and Tone

This business is built entirely on creating lasting relationships with clients. The brand visuals and language are created to reach the desired audience and are designed to be memorable, much like the professional services offered by Inferno Steamers.

The goal is to stand apart from industry leading commercial steam cleaning companies and offer customized packages at a reasonable cost for homeowners and real estate professionals.

The Inferno Voice resonates with its audience because extra care and a memorable quality has been added here. The caramel tones are rich and deep, they are consistent and intentional. Consider the cooking process of caramel as an analogy for this brand Voice. The careful care taken using intense heat for the candy preparation changes the molecular structure of the ingredients and results in a simple, irresistible product everyone loves, not unlike the results of a carefully handled steam cleaning project.

This company has grown from a small husband and wife venture and has arrived at a mature and well thought out mission that is pure and at the same time, attainable for its clients. The Tone is hard working, while the delivery is simple and palpable even to the most diverse and demanding audience. Elegant jewel tones and iconic imagery come together to offer a taste of professionalism that is steadfast and also timeless.

Commitment. Across marketing collateral, keep branding that is consistent with the Voice of this brand, equally consistent with the goal, which is to create lasting relationships with clients that prove to be rewarding for all involved for a long time to come.

Color Guide


Your color guide is a very important piece of your brand. Even your black is technically “off-black.” Be sure to use these six digit hex codes when ordering any brand materials including shirts, car wraps, and even apply these codes to backgrounds on digital platforms like Facebook.

Brand Palette







Typography is used everywhere! Use these fonts for your Canva templates, your Google Docs and on your marketing collateral. Users can download these fonts for free by clicking the links.



Vast Shadow

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 



Your brand has a specific look at that includes the photos you use in your web ads, social media posts, and print media like bill boards. See your brand’s photos linked below. We’ve provided both high resolution (for print marketing) and low resolution for all web based projects. Note that not all images are available in high resolution. 

Brand Photography



See branded Canva templates below. When creating campaigns, you can use your own assets and templates, as well as elements, images, and videos from the Canva library. Note* these templates are shared to the Canva account registered under barrontaylorjr@gmail.com




Your customized brand graphics are for use below, these can be used in web and digital ads, as well as print items such as post cards and brochures. 




Click to view your customized video tutorials for your new WordPress site, as well as your MOBI page to manage brand assets. Note that the usernames and passwords have been shared via a Google Drive Doc to your info@infernosteamers.com email account.


Disclaimer: If for any reason you make changes you are unhappy with or undo web design that you love…. you’ve reached the point of no return and “OH MY GOSH I MESSED UP MY WEBSITE…” happens, do not worry! Login to your Kinsta account and ask that they pubish an earlier version from your site (say 12 hrs prior) and boom you’re back to a working, previously approved version of your site.

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