CHelsea Roe Hooper


Memories made by her very best girlfriends inspired her debut novel, a heartwarming story of sisterhood wrapped in wit and wine.

ABout the book

Follow the lives of Steph, Ziah, Chloe, Nora, and Alexis as they navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns. Confronting some issues head on, while internalizing others, the five best friends maneuver their way through anxiety, marriage, dating, jealousy, and infidelity. But around every serious corner, hilarity is sure to ensue. As life’s hurtles come their way, one thing they always know to be true is that no matter what, they’re better together. Will they each find the happiness they deserve? Hopefully, eventually.

Meet Chelsea

Her Roots

Chelsea resides in Texas with her husband, three children, and a plethora of pets. Reading and writing has always been her passion, and for the past twelve years she’s been a freelance columnist. She’s an optimist with a loud voice and an even louder laugh.

Follow her many fun and wild escapades including, but not limited to fishing, loving on her family and beloved doodles, as well as creative endeavors and community outreach.

About the cover

Cover artist, Jeff Cocanour, and Chelsea have been lifelong friends. Artist Jeff Cocanour takes his art to Fort Worth, and keeps his ties to Granbury strong. His dream to unlock wonder starts with oil paintings, but goes much deeper.