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Chelsea Hooper Book Signing

Chelsea Hooper Book Signing

Chelsea Roe HooperREADER, WRITER, OPTIMISTMemories made by her very best girlfriends inspired her debut novel, a heartwarming story of sisterhood wrapped in wit and wine.Book signing Event Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 6 PM CDT – 9 PM CDT Hotel Lucy 530 E Pearl St,...

New Year, New Oyster

New Year, New Oyster

— BlogNew Year New OysterIt’s that merky bit when we’re frustrated and contemplative that we grow the most. 2020 taught me to make the most of this and to hone that energy in my creativity. For me, it's led to a better, happier life. I recently started decoupaging...

SmallTalk Godley, Texas

SmallTalk Godley, Texas

— BlogSmalltalk LifestyleI know what you’re thinking… it’s just small talk. However, small talk is an institution in the South, it’s what we call friendly conversation between friends and neighbors, even strangers. In our own way, we make an effort to say gently, “I...

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