In today’s marketplace, image is everything. How your company looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions – with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. You cannot afford to present an unprofessional or inconsistent image in a competitive and crowded landscape. 

Partnering with an experienced graphic design and web development team ensures that your organizational image achieves maximum positive impact on your target audiences. You need a partner that understands how to create or revitalize an organization’s visual identity standards and extend these frameworks into creative, project-specific approaches.


Trevo is a team of creative writers and visual artists. We are a community that works together for professional business to consumer marketing projects. Combined, our expertise spans more than two decades in creating compelling designs and marketing materials. We love project management, web design and digital strategy and we work hard to achieve the desired outcomes. We collaborate with our clients to gently evolve your ideas from concept to finished project.

Our cooperative of creatives provides unlimited resources and keeps costs competitive. We believe that a good quality brand requires more than just creativity. Your customized brand requires research and competitive analysis, as well as a cooperative approach to reflect your business’ voice, mission, unique positioning and messaging. To ensure our design and content development aligns with these requirements for success, we’ve developed a Four Phase Approach to guide you through this exciting and pivotal moment for your business.


Content creation

Phase I Discovery

Before any actual creative work begins, Trevo Creative Partners conducts an initial discovery meeting to confirm the project goals. This is immediately followed by extensive background research. We meet with you regularly to narrow the focus and keep the scope of the project on track. In addition, we build your voice and tone to strengthen the effectiveness of your brand as it pertains to your preferred audience needs. For each creative project, from logo design, to advertising initiatives, web design, photography, videography, and print materials, creative briefs are completed for all creative contractors assigned to the project. These summarize the design and goals, outline the project, and help to ensure a successful timeline for on-time deliverables to the client.

Phase II Design

Once our Discovery is complete and you have approved the initial brand concepts, design work actually begins. We always keep your feedback at top of mind and the priorities of the project at the core of every design decision including content placement, logos, image selection, and typography. Typically, this is executed in multiple rounds that include various creative approaches before centering our final, comprehensive design. As part of this process, we will deliver at least three creative concepts for your evaluation.


Content creation

Phase III Make it happen

After you select your preferred creative direction, we begin design execution. Trevo Creative Partners collaborates with you to select images and gather content for the final design pieces. Along the way, established brand standards and key audiences are always kept in the forefront of any decisions. We deliver drafts during our regular meetings for your review and look forward to your feedback to ensure your input is reflected before any marketing collateral completes production. When your quality standards (and ours) are achieved, we prepare your MOBI page, along with any web and print design pieces for finalization. As well, we are prepared to collaborate on your behalf with any third-party vendors (such as printers and widget developers) to ensure the finished product meets your expectations.

Phase IV Maintenance

Once the design project is complete, we follow up to assess the outcome of the project. You will have an opportunity to completely provide your feedback in an online survey. We are always trying to improve and adapt, so your review means a lot to us.

As well, for your new brand guide, you will receive all items – logos, images and typography packages in all the appropriate formats for your use. If you choose to rent a MOBI page, these items will be made available to you via a one page website that is kept secure and up to date with all your brand materials, including print items and digital ads. Finally, customized five minute web tutorials are included with all new websites. Stay connected with our YouTube channel for WordPress updates and optimizations.

Future projects such as website page additions and marketing campaign materials will receive a new estimate and are charged hourly for services at $75 per hour.

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