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Mobile Online Brand Interface

MOBI makes brands mobile.
MOBI is a business tool for entrepreneurs, business owners, event planners, and non-profits.
MOBI is a brand ambassador.
MOBI protects brands and makes assets accessible for users anywhere, anytime. 

What makes a brand mobile?

Full access to your voice! A well thought out brand contains guidelines and assets such as colors, typography, rules for logo placement, all available logo variations and placement, as well as branded photography and video.

What if you could keep all of it in one place? Now you can. MOBI is a basic one page website that is customized to your needs. Simple graphics and buttons make all your brand assets easy to download and use. Share this protected page with team members. Use it as an onboarding tool. Share yourMOBI page with event speakers, vendors, and participants for your upcoming event. Even order and re-order simple print and promotional items with our preferred vendors.

What’s yours is yours

Your mobile brand does not have to be provided or created by us. Allow us to apply your existing brand assets to your new mobile online brand interface (webpage) with your own custom domain. 

Have a vendor you love? No problem. Connect your accounts and use any vendor you like for print collateral like business cards or promotional items like t-shirts.

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